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Learn Culture and History Through Cooking

Food gives insights into everyday life, culture and history, it’s something that connects us, not just with each other, but also with our past.

In my classes, I share recipes, stories from Russia - past and present - my own family history, and my insight into events. 

Upcoming classes

2020 has opened the door to online events for me, and I’ve developed a few zoom classes.

You will receive the recipe and list of ingredients before the class, and recommended literature/sources after.

Classes last approximately 2 hours. Please book at least
1 week ahead.


Zapekanka & Communal Apartments

Farmer’s cheese bake and the history of communal apartments in the USSR.


We will talk about cooking in a communal kitchen, hosting a poetry night in one room or taking a stroll down an apartment’s corridor. From 1917 to the present day, I give an overview of communal living in the USSR and Russia. 


 $150 per 1 class

  for a group of up to 10 people, 20-25$ per person for smaller groups

 $400 per 3 classes


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